fragranzia Australia

Smell is the strongest of the senses, and the most closely linked to the emotion-processing areas of the brain. Scents have a powerful influence on our moods, behavior and memories all great places for a brand to linger. Research suggests people remember 35% of what they smell, compared to just 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear and 1% of what they touch.

In today’s competitive business environment creating memorable experiences and emotional connections with consumers is critical to win consumer spending and long term brand loyalty. Scent can attract new customers, increase sales, heighten value perception, and expand brand recognition and customer satisfaction. We are a professional scent solution company, devoting on scent delivery system research and development, production and marketing. Our mission is providing good quality product and best service to make our customer business more competitively and valuable.

Our sense of smell is believed to affect 75% of our daily emotions. The close connection between the olfactory gland, which registers smell, and the limbic system, that governs emotion and memories, is the power behind our sense of smell. Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain that is responsible for memory and emotion. This is why a smell has the ability to transport you to a certain time and place, linking back to a particular memory or feeling.

Humans are able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors, and what’s more remarkable, we are able to recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, in contrast to only 50% of visuals after three months. Fragranzia Australia utilizing the international most advanced Twin-fluid atomization technology. Its principle is compressing air flow and high-speed flow separating the oils into microparticles, then use particle rotation accelerator separating the microparticles to nanometer particles. The atomization is at nature temperature, without heating.

It is store chains and service providers attract customers with a pleasant shopping atmosphere often realized by installing scent diffusers to evaporate overwhelming fragrances. The shops with pleasant scent not only can attract customer into the shop and stay longer time but also can amplify your brand identity.

Our smaller droplet simply stays in the air longer, doing its job. Weighing in at 1/200,000th the weight of a typical aerosol drop, Our Fragrance oils behave like the air itself, floating for many hours and blending uniformly throughout your entire space.